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Version 2.31, 10.1.2011

  • Solved problem with HexString X64 version
  • Version 2.30, 1.1.2011

  • New application - IIS Limit Check
  • ZLib separated to special DLL
  • Version 2.30, 1.11.2010

  • 4GB limit, Upload limits for Internet Eplorer, Mozilla firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, IIS and ASP.
  • Win32 / X64 version, Huge ASP upload on Windows 64 bit
  • Only UNICODE version. Please use previous versions for Win95/ME
  • Version 2.20, 1.8.2009

    Run older versions of ScriptUtilities on 64 bit edition of OS (Windows 2003 64 bit, Win 2008) article.

    Version 2.20, 1.12.2006

    ByteArray works with utf-16 Little-Endian and Big-Endian from this version, ConvertCodePages 1200 and 1201.
    Batch file conversion - character set and BOM detection of html files sample added.

    Version 2.19, 1.10.2006

    New GigaUpload working sample - upload of gigabyte files from windows client to IIS/ASP server with compression.

    Version 2.18, 1.10.2006

    New GetFileSize method
    Solved problem with SaveAs and files over 4GB.

    Version 2.17, 13.3.2006

    Solved problem with Windows server 2003 update and not working progress bar.

    Version 2.17, 2.2.2006

    New AddConnection and CancelConnection methods to store uploaded files to a network resource.
    New progress bar samples
    NormalizeFileName parameter was added to ScriptUtils.FormFields.Save and ScriptUtils.FormField.Save methods and FileName property.

    Version 2.16, 15.2.2005

    Solved problem with Base64 property with MS SQL 7.0 (ByteArray, T-SQL - base64 decoder for Microsoft SQL)

    Version 2.15, 19.7.2004

    Solved problem with ByteArray property and urlencoded forms (the property did not return binary value for urlencoded forms)
    New online base64 and base16/hex string samples.

    Version 2.14, 1.3.2004

    - ByteArray.HexString property is read/write now
    - ByteArray - save unicode data (string) as utf-8 with BOM sample added.

    Version 2.13, 16.2.2004

    - ByteArray.Punycode property added to do conversion between unicode, punycode, other code pages and IDN (internationalized domain names)
    2.06 version of PureASP file upload script solves problems with zero-byte and one-byte files.

    Version 2.12, 4.1.2004

    - ASPForm.ThreadPriority property added

    Version 2.11, 19.9.2003

    - ASPForm.CheckRequirements method added
    - bug with unaccessible temporary folder solved (access denied if temp folder does not exists)

    Version 2.08, 5.9.2003

    - Unicode/character sets conversion support added for FormFields.Save and FormField.Save methods. These methods save files with wide character support in filename now.
    - FormFields.Save and FormField.Save methods support unlimited length of file path now (one subsequent folder/file name with maximum of 260 chars)
    - problem with ';' character in file names and form field names fixed.
    - ByteArray.CharSetConvert method added to provide conversion between two different code pages (for example from ANSI to UTF-8 or from OEM to ANSI). ByteArray.ByteArray - Convert iso-2022-jp binary data to shift-jis codepage binary data sample modified to use this method. ByteArray.CharSetConvert.Convert files from one code page / character set to another (ANSI to utf-8) sample added.
    - ByteArray.String, ByteArray.Mid and ByteArray.ReadFrom optimized for better performance.

    Version 2.07, 17.7.2003

    NumberOfBytesToRead and NumberOfFieldsToRead was added to Read method to access source form fields when source data length exceeds SizeLimit. You can read source text/dropdown/select/option/checkbox fields even if client selects too big file.

    Version 2.05a, 9.6.2003

    Pure ASP file upload update - Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a000d' Type mismatch: 'm_Items' solved.

    Version 2.05, 9.5.2003

    Bug with Opera browsers fixed (form in progress state, not completed)
    Memory leak with not released FormField object fixed
    New properties and methods added - CopyFile, DeleteFile, MoveFile
    SaveAs method extended to work with huge files.
    ByteArray - Convert iso-2022-jp binary data to shift-jis codepage binary data sample convert between code pages added.
    Base64 encoder and decoder added.

    Version 2.04a, 16.1.2003

    New version of Pure asp file upload - 2.0
    Pure asp file upload has a progress now! See PureASP upload - using, features, functionality, notes.
    Up to 10MB files in a free version up to 100MB in licensed.

    Version 2.04, 5.12.2002

    multipart/related support added.
    New properties: ContentCharSet, Headers and Header. Optional CharSet parameter for RAWHeader property. Big downloads: ReadFrom method modified to handle files with no size limit. Ne sample - ASP gigabyte download - download over 2GB, 4GB, very large/huge files..
    New samples - upload with email notification, upload to a specified server folder and client/server database fields synchronization. New progress bar galery.

    Version 2.03, 15.11.2002

    Non-exist form fields corrections:
    Index property returns Zero for non-exist form field
    Name property returns requested name for non-exist form field
    InProgress property returns False for non-exist form field
    CharSet property is correctly handled for non-exist form field
    Items property added to FormFields class. FileExt property added to FormField class.

    Version 2.02, 7.6.2002

    ASPForm class was changed from ATL server object to ATL class because of problem with VB6 class modules and interpretation of error messages.

    Version 2.01, 22.3.2002

    New progress bar indicator with full access to current uploaded form.

    Version 2.0, 24.1.2002

    New easy to use upload component (ScriptUtils.ASPForm). Hi performance, low resources algorithm.
    Works with multiselect fields / non-unique field names. New SQL samples.

    Version 1.5, 7.1.2001

    New version of PureASP upload. The new version requires VBScript V.5 (IIS4 / IIS5)

    Version 1.5, 13.12.2000

    New LogFile class. The class provides hi-performance logging for ASP/VBS/VBA applications.

    Version 1.42, 30.11.2000

    PerformanceFrequency and PerformanceCounter added to the Kernel class

    Version 1.41, 28.11.2000

    MinimumWorkingSetSize and MaximumWorkingSetSize added to the Process class

    Version 1.4, 26.11.2000

    New ZLib class, Compress and UnCompress methods

    Version 1.3, 10.11.2000

    New html help.

    Version 1.3, 7.6.2000

    Problem with PureASP, database upload and files with odd number of bytes solved.
    Problem with PureASP and performance solved using ADODB.Recordset.

    Version 1.23, 2.1.2000

    Problem with IE 5.01 and double content-disposition header solved. Source VBS code included.

    Version 1.22, 25.11.1999

    Enhanced PureASP upload algorithm.
    Enables upload up to 500kB
    Enables save binary data
    Same ASP code for PureASP upload and ScriptUtilities

    Version 1.21, 1.11.1999

    New scripts :
    Free pure-ASP upload to database.
    Free pure-ASP upload of short (~50kB) files.

    Version 1.2, 30.4.1999

    New class enables work with INI files.

    Version 1.11, 13.2.1999

    New sample for the upload and download binary files to the database (MDB/SQL) by a RecordSet.
    Sleep method added to the Kernel object.

    Version 1.1, 26.1.1999

    HexString method added to the ByteArrary object
    CodePage property added to the ByteArrary object
    Samples are working with Windows95 & 98 too (W95/98 does not support KernelTime/UserTime properties used for performance info).

    Version 1.01, 1.11.1998

    New upload and download samples. This samples enables multiple files upload or upload form field of size greater than 80kB (ASP Request.Form limit).
    Sample for multiple files/folders download with on-the-fly compression by standard pkzip.exe or arj.exe (or any other compression utility).

    Version 1.0, 1.10.1998

    Basic release

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