Run older versions of ScriptUtilities on 64 bit edition of OS (Windows 2003 64 bit, Win 2008) Article

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Run older versions of ScriptUtilities on 64 bit edition of OS (Windows 2003 64 bit, Win 2008)

ScriptUtilities is a native 64 bit DLL in the current version, please download latest version for 64bit OS. You can also 32bit versions of ScriptUtilities on 64 bit edition of OS (for example Windows 2003 server 64 bit edition, Win 2008 64 bit) and IIS ver 6.0, 7.0, 7.5 and later.

    There are two simple ways to run the 32 bit DLLs under 64bit OS.

Switch IIS to 32 bit mode

IIS 6.0, Windows 2003 64 bit edition

See Running 32-bit Applications on 64-bit Windows (IIS 6.0).
Windows Server 2003, Service Pack 1 enables IIS 6.0 to run 32-bit Web applications on 64-bit Windows using the Windows-32-on-Windows-64 (WOW64) compatibility layer.
You can setup the 32bit mode using MetaEdit or Metabase explorer and set Enable32BitAppOnWin64 property of W3SVC/AppPools or using adsutil:
cscript.exe adsutil.vbs set W3SVC/AppPools/Enable32BitAppOnWin64 "true"
On Windows 2003 64bit (XP) you cannot run worker processes in both 32-bit mode and as well as 64 bit mode, all worker processes are in 32 bit mode after this setting. So use 32bit COM+ application for IIS6/W2003 rather.

IIS 7.0, Windows 2008 64 bit edition

Windows Server 2003/IIS7 have the same property enable32BitAppOnWin64, but you can set the property for each app pool. So you can run both 32bit and 64bit application pools simultaneously.
You can create application pool for the upload folder and then set the enable32BitAppOnWin64 property for the pool to true - select "Advanced Settings" of the application pool and set "Enable 32-bit Applications" to true, or run next command:
appcmd apppool set / /enable32BitAppOnWin64:true

Create a COM+ application with ScriptUtils.ASPForm

Setup COM+ Application

1. Create a new COM+ application

Create a new COM+ application - Application for upload component Create a new COM+ application - name the application

2. Add ScriptUtils.ASPForm component

Add a new component to COM+ app - the upload component Add a new component to COM+ app - select the upload component

3. Set permissions and config the COM+ application

Set permissions for COM application - Create a new COM+ application
    Now you can call the 32bit component ScriptUtils.ASPForm from any 32bit or 64bit IIS application.
    Set ASPForm = Server.CreateObject("ScriptUtils.ASPForm")

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