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     Huge ASP upload is easy to use, hi-performance ASP file upload component with progress bar indicator. This component lets you upload multiple files with size up to 4GB to a disk or a database along with another form fields. Huge ASP file upload is a most featured upload component on a market with competitive price and a great performance.

     The software has also a free version of asp upload with progress, called Pure asp upload, written in plain VBS, without components (so you do not need to install anything on server).

     This installation package contains also ScriptUtilities library. Script Utilities lets you create hi-performance log files, works with binary data, you can download multiple files with zip/arj compression, work with INI files and much more with the ASP utility.

Online buy/registration

You can buy single/site/distribution license using Paypal, the credit is for Fotobit, s.r.o.




      ASP file upload and ScriptUtilities is a shareware and can be registered on-line using Paypal.
      You will receive URL of full version and future versions and updates of ASP file upload and ScriptUtilities. Therefore it is important, that your e-mail address in registration is correct. Registered users will get two-year support via e-mail and two-year updates of ASP file upload and ScriptUtilities for free.
      All products are delivered via ESD (Electronic Software Delivery). We do not ship CDs or boxes.

ASP upload and scriptutilities, Single license - $48

    One registered copy of ASP file upload and ScriptUtilities may be used on a single workstation/server. You can also use the software on any number of computers for developing applications (JS/VBS/VB and so on) using the software.
You will also get a license to use PureASP upload with more than 10MB (limit for the free version).

ASP upload and scriptutilities,Site license - $298

    Site-licensed copy of the ASP file upload and ScriptUtilities can be installed on any number of computers. The usage is limited only to one organization.

ASP upload and scriptutilities, Distribution license + source code - $398

    The license is required for re-distribution (not re-sell) of the full version of ASP file upload and ScriptUtilities with your software. The software can be installed on any number of computers. You can distribute/install your applications using the software without any additional licenses and fees with this license.
    You will also get the source code with the license. You can analyze, modify or extend the source code for your purposes.
    * You are NOT allowed to distribute the source code
    * You are NOT allowed to create competitor product in the same class based on this source code

Other registration benefits

How to become a PSTRUH Software affiliate

PSTRUH Software is using two software registration and payment channels - ShareIt
To register as an affiliate, please fill the form at ShareIt and you will get all the necessary information from them. An affiliate account will be created for you, and you'll be assigned an affiliate ID number.
Please send a short info about you/your web site to also.

Commissions, payments and reporting

Initially, each affiliate is assigned a 20% commission of sales price of our products. Each affiliate may negotiate a custom commission percentage with PSTRUH Software. This can be done at least 3 months after your affiliate account is activated. You will get your payments and you will receive statistics and notifications from ShareIt or RegNet, not from PSTRUH Software. For any questions about payments and your sales statistics, please contact ShareIt or RegNet


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