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Description of IAF Email Export

Email Account configuration exporter is an ActiveX/COM library, which let's you work with Outlook and Outlook Express email account configuration in VB script/JScript and other programming languages (t-SQL, C++, VBA, php, c#, Delphi...). You can create POP3, IMAP and HTTP email configurations or NNTP news account and export them directly from the script. You can export all fields, including servers, SPA, user names, emails, passwords, etc.


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Resources, on-line samples

IAF password recovery Live sample of IAF reading
Online IAF generator generates POP3 configuration directly from an ASP page.

IAF Email Export classes

Account Export of email account settings to the .iaf file format.

IAF Email Export enums

ConnectionTypes Specifies connection types of this email account to the internet. Local LAN connection, dial-up (modem) or dialer.
IPPorts Default IP ports for email account settings.
tSMTPUsing Type of connection to SMTP server


Create simple email configuration with POP3 account data.

This sample generates simple IAF file - POP3 email account with basic properties - SMTP + POP3 servers, email address, person name, username and password.
Dim Export
'Create the export object
Set Export = CreateObject("EmailExport.Account")

'Set name of the account in Outlook
Export.AccountName = "My New Account"

'SMTP infou - outgoing name, email.
Export.SMTPEmailAddress = ""
Export.SMTPDisplayName = "Some person Name"

'Servers - pop3, smtp
Export.SMTPServer = ""
Export.POP3Server = ""

'Login informations
Export.POP3UserName = ""
Export.POP3Password = "Someveryloongpassword"

'Export the file
Export.SaveIAFFile "My-New-Account.IAF"

'Or from ASP
'  Response.AddHeader "Content-Disposition", "attachment;filename=""My-New-Account.IAF"""
'  Response.ContentType = "application/download"
'  Response.BinaryWrite Export.BinaryIAF

Gmail account - Setup outlook configuration with smtp and pop3 using script.

Import IAF configuration file to an Outlook 2003 / Outlook XP

    You cannot directly import IAF files from Email Configuration Exporter to Outlook 2003. You can use simple workaround:

  • Run Outlook express
  • Go to Tools menu, Accounts item, click Import button
  • Select an IAF configuration file you want to import
  • Import the file, click close, close Outlook express
  • Run Outlook
  • Outlook will ask to import the new account from Outlook Express

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