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Returns or sets Account settings as binary data in IAF structure (IAF file)


vBinaryIAF = Account.BinaryIAF ([IgnoreErrors as Boolean = fale])
Account.BinaryIAF ([IgnoreErrors as Boolean = fale]) = vBinaryIAF

Where Type Optional Default Description
 IgnoreErrors  Boolean  yes  fale  Ignore errors in IAF structure. 


Binary safe array


You can use this function to directly output email account data from ASP or ASP.Net page.


Export Outlook email configuration from ASP/VB Script

Dim Export
'Create the export object
Set Export = CreateObject("EmailExport.Account")

'Set basic properties.
Export.AccountName = "My New Account"
Export.SMTPEmailAddress = ""
Export.SMTPDisplayName = "Some person Name"
Export.SMTPServer = ""
Export.POP3Server = ""
Export.POP3UserName = ""
Export.POP3Password = "Someveryloongpassword"

Response.ContentType = "application/download"
Response.AddHeader "Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=""My New Account.IAF"""
Response.BinaryWrite Export.BinaryIAF

Decode email configuration from uploaded file.

This sample is using ASP Upload object from Motobit software site. You can see this sample working live on Online IAF password recovery page.
Dim Form: Set Form = Server.CreateObject("ScriptUtils.ASPForm")

If Form.State = 0 Then 'completed
  'Create the export object
  Dim Export
  Set Export = CreateObject("EmailExport.Account")
  On Error Resume Next
  Export.BinaryIAF = Form("IAFFIle").ByteArray
  If err<>0 Then
    Response.Write "<font style=color:red>" & Err.Description & "</font>"
    Response.Write "<br>  AccountName: '<b>" & Export.AccountName & "</b>'"
    Response.Write "<br>  SMTPPassword: '<b>" & Export.SMTPPassword & "</b>'"
    Response.Write "<br>  POP3Password: '<b>" & Export.POP3Password & "</b>'"
    Response.Write "<br>  HTTPMailPassword: '<b>" & Export.HTTPMailPassword & "</b>'"
    Response.Write "<br>  IMAPPassword: '<b>" & Export.IMAPPassword & "</b>'"
    Response.Write "<br>  NNTPPassword: '<b>" & Export.NNTPPassword & "</b>'"
  End If
End If

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Export of email account settings to the .iaf file format.


Email Account configuration exporter is an ActiveX/COM library, which let's you work with Outlook and Outlook Express email account configuration in VB script/JScript and other programming languages (t-SQL, C++, VBA, php, c#, Delphi...). You can create POP3, IMAP and HTTP email configurations or NNTP news account and export them directly from the script. You can export all fields, including servers, SPA, user names, emails, passwords, etc.

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