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What is Motobit Software? (PSTRUH Software)

      Motobit Software is one-man czech software company. Main and one person in the company is Antonin Foller - my self.

      Motobit software was formerly named PSTRUH software (Czech name for trout fish). I changed the name and a primary address to The reason is simple - try to say czech word 'pstruh'. It is impossible for English speaking people... :-)

      I'm working on internet/IIS software utilities since 1996. I have worked on several internet projects in financial area. 

      My sofware is based on MS-SQL (T-SQL language), ASP (VBScript/JScript), VBA (VBA6, Access, Word), COM/DCOM/C++ (Visual Studio 6.0).

Where can you reach me?

      I'm available on a next emails: - info about my software
and project, licenses, etc. - technical support for my products.

      I usually answer email questions in one or two bussines days. - my personal address.

Postal address

      You can reach me also at my postal address:

Motobit Software
Antonin Foller
Nad Elektrarnou 36
288 02 Nymburk
Czech republic

Motobit (PSTRUH) Software history

      1996 - 2000 - real time trading and information system with stock/funds on the Prague Stock Exchange. System was based on MS SQL (T-SQL language) and ASP as a web interface. Web site

      1998 - 1999 - Real time authorization, banking and micro-pay system for biggest czech financial portal - AliaWeb , Biggest - remember that Czech republic has 10 milion people, so the portal is relative small to world scale. 

      1999 - 2000 - News and publication system for the AliaWeb portal -

      1999 - Free web hosting with simple web interface -

      I developped several IIS/SQL utilities during the time (from 1996 till now, See This components, ISAPI filters, scripts and applications was strongly tested on real production envinronment, real web site. I have created a lot of documentation for each of the project.


Where can you buy my products?

      You can buy my products on-line using ShareIt or RegNet. See license pages for each of our products or find the product on ShareIt / RegNet.

My customers

      Motobit Software has more than 1000 customers from around of the world (remember that our product is server software/utilities). Some of our customer companies are listed bellow.

 Adobe Systems,
 AIG Corporate R & D,
 American Legend,
 Amerisale, Inc.,
 BBCWorldwide Ltd,
 Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp.,
 The Boeing Company,
 Clark Atlanta University,
 Computer 2000 Distribution Ltd,
 Computer Science Corp.,
 Cornell University AA&D,
 Creative Outdoor Advertising,
 Deere & Company,
 Desktop Magic,
 Deutsche Telekom AG, Inc.,
 Engine GmbH & Co KG,
 Eurosys AB,
 Excel.Net, Inc.,
 First American Corporation,
 GE Financial Assurance,
 Gateway EMEA,
 Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.,
 Holiday Autos GmbH,
 Honeywell Intl.,
 Hostway Corporation,
 Intel Electronics,
 Matrox Eletronic Systems,
 Morgan Keegan,
 RADsoft AS,
 Schneider Electric,
 Search Extreme, Inc.,
 Site Meter,
 Storm Technology,
 Terrasite Internet Services,
 Tele-Info Digital Publishing AG,
 ViA-Online GmbH,
 Volvo IT, 
 The Walt Disney Co., 

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