ASP gigabyte download - download over 2GB, 4GB, very large/huge files.

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     ASP/VBScript source code to download of very large files using ASP. The download size is not limited by 2GB or 4GB of size, you can download files with any size, 10th of gigabytes or more.
     The sample uses Response.BinaryWrite. Remember that IIS6 has a strong memory leak, so this code does not work with Windows 2003 SP1, you need Windows 2003 SP2 at least. The code works also with other versions of IIS (IIS1-5, IIS7) See also
Experience high memory usage in the W3wp.exe process
Memory leaks may occur when the BinaryWrite method is called
Several browsers (IE, Firefox) or http clients (winhttp) has a download size limit of 2GB or 4GB. See http download over 2GB, 4GB - browser and server behavior

ASP gigabyte download - download over 2GB, 4GB, very large/huge files. 
SendFileByBlocks "Z:\muzikal\pokus.mpg", &H10000

'********************************** SendFileByBlocks **********************************
Sub SendFileByBlocks(FileName, BlockSize)
  'Set a time required for download to ScriptTimeout  
  Server.ScriptTimeout = 1200 

  'CreateObject("ScriptUtils.Thread").Priority = -15
  Dim FileSize, ByteCounter
  FileSize = GetFileSize(FileName)

  'Switch off buffer.
  Response.Buffer = False

  'This is download
  Response.ContentType = "application/x-msdownload"

  'Set file name
  Response.AddHeader "Content-Disposition", _
    "attachment; filename=""" & GetFileName(FileName) & """"

  'Set Content-Length (ASP doen not set it when Buffer = False)
  Response.AddHeader "Content-Length", FileSize
  'Response.CacheControl = "no-cache"

  Dim BA: Set BA = CreateObject("ScriptUtils.ByteArray")

  'Loop through file contents.
  For ByteCounter = 1 To FileSize Step BlockSize
    'Do not write data when client is disconnected
    If Not Response.IsClientConnected() Then Exit For

    'Read block of data from a file
    BA.ReadFrom FileName, ByteCounter, BlockSize

    'Write the block to output.
    Response.BinaryWrite BA.ByteArray

  'CreateObject("ScriptUtils.Thread").Priority = 0
End Sub

'This function returns a file size as a 64bit number 
Function GetFileSize(FileName)
  Dim Kernel
  On Error Resume Next
  Set Kernel = CreateObject("ScriptUtils.Kernel")
  GetFileSize = Kernel.GetFileSize(FileName)
  If IsEmpty(GetFileSize) Then 
    GetFileSize = CreateObject("scripting.filesystemobject").GetFile(FileName).Size
  End If
  If IsEmpty(GetFileSize) Then GetFileSize = 0
  On Error Goto 0
End Function

'get a file name from the full file path 
Function GetFileName(FullPath)
  Dim Pos, PosF
  PosF = 0
  For Pos = Len(FullPath) To 1 Step -1
    Select Case Mid(FullPath, Pos, 1)
      Case ":", "/", "\": PosF = Pos + 1: Pos = 0
    End Select
  If PosF = 0 Then PosF = 1
  GetFileName = Mid(FullPath, PosF)
End Function


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