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The ASPForm collection retrieves the values of form elements posted to ASP script by a form using the POST method. ASPForm can process multipart/form-data or application/x-www-form-urlencoded data with length up to 2GB.

Using Huge-ASP upload - ASPForm class

Initialization and usage of Huge-ASP upload in several programming environment - ASP/VBS, VBA (5.0, 6.0), C++, C# and ASPNet (ASPX).

Upload - Progress bar indicator

Technical details about progress bar indicator.

Upload - Files and forms with large/huge size.

Brief overview of work with very large files. ASPForm configuration and IIS setting for huge uploads or urlencoded forms with big fields.

Object model

ASPForm - The ASPForm collection retrieves the values of form elements posted to ASP script by a form using the POST method. ASPForm can process multipart/form-data or application/x-www-form-urlencoded data with length up to 2GB.
FormFields - Contains collection of document fields of files. (Items property, Collection of all form fields (plain form fields and files))
FormField - One form field. Member of FormFields collection. (Item property, Returns a specific member of a FormFields collection either by position or by key.)
FormFields - Contains collection of document fields of files. (Files property, Collection of all files in the source document.)
FormFields - Contains collection of document fields of files. (Texts property, Collection of all fields except files in the source document.)


AddConnection The AddConnection method makes a connection to a network resource. You can use it to connect remote computer and store uploaded files on network drives.
CancelConnection The CancelConnection method breaks an existing network connection.
CheckRequirements Returns basic info about upload configuration - user running ASP, temp folder and its size, timeouts, memory storage size and info about expiration.
Sleep The Sleep method suspends the execution of the current thread for a specified interval.
StringToBinary Converts UNICODE string (BSTR or String type) to binary data (VT_ARRAY | VT_UI1) using specified windows code page or character set.
Read Reads source form data from the client using Request.BinaryRead
You can use this method to cause ASPForm read source data in special error cases, especially when fsSizeLimit error occurs. You can read part of source data with first n fields


FormTypeReturns form type for parsed data.
eFormType, RW
CharSetString or numeric (ConvertCodePages) expression that describes the character set used for conversion of a source request data to a string. If no value is supplied, source form string data are interpreted using ANSI codepage.
ConvertCodePages, RW
ChunkReadSizeSpecifies length of blocks readed from the client. ASPForm will read data source data using Request.BinaryRead(ChunkReadSize) method.
Long, RW
MaxMemoryStorageMaximum size of source data stored in memory.
- Source data with size less than MaxMemoryStorage are stored in memory.
- Data are stored in Temp folder (ScriptUtils.ASPForm.TempPath) if the source data size exceeds this value.
Long, RW
ReadTimeoutSpecifies the maximum amount of time (in seconds) a upload can process before it is terminated.
Long, RW
SizeLimitMaximum size of source form to read.
Long, RW
TempPathPath to store form data during read of form (upload) on server-side.
String, RW
ThreadPriorityLet's you specify priority value of the ASP thread which will read form data from a client.
ThreadPriorities, RW
UploadIDLets' you access this asp form from another thread (another ASP script) in the same application using this ID.
Long, RW
BytesReadNumber of bytes that are already readed during upload.
Long, RO
FilesCollection of all files in the source document.
FormFields, RO
getFormForm with the same ID in this ASP application.
ItemsCollection of all form fields (plain form fields and files)
FormFields, RO
NewUploadIDLet's you specify unique Upload ID.
Long, RO
ReadTimeRead data time in miliseconds.
Long, RO
SourceDataReturns source document (multipart or url encoded data). Let's you work with source data as block of memory.
Variant, RO
StateResult of a source form, upload or POST status.
FormStates, RO
TextsCollection of all fields except files in the source document.
FormFields, RO
TotalBytesTotal size of the Request data (Same as Request.TotalBytes)
Long, RO


Upload - Send an email with attachment

Upload - Use ASPForm object in VB6 class

ASP Form - process standard x-www-form-urlencoded data with unicode code page and unlimitted size.

Upload - Simple asp upload

Very short asp upload code with two source file fields and a description field.
  Dim Form: Set Form = CreateObject("ScriptUtils.ASPForm")
  If Form.State = 0 Then
    Form.Files.Save "C:\Uploads"
    Description = Form("Description") 'Do something with <input name=description>
    'Handle other form states, errors.
  End If
<form method="post" ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data">
<input type="submit" value="Upload the files >>"><br>
 File 1 : <input type="file" name="File1"><br>
 File 2 : <input type="file" name="File2"><br>
 Description : <input name="Description">

Used in


Common upload errors


Upload - performance tests.

PureASP upload, Huge ASP upload or ASPNet HTMLInputForm? Results of performance tests.

PureASP upload - using, features, functionality, notes.

Personal notes, requirements, differences between pureasp upload script and Huge ASP upload component, pureasp upload implemented classes, methods and properties.

Upload - Monitor and handle upload state/result

Monitoring of upload results, problem with UploadReadAheadSize and 'friendly' http error messages from Internet Explorer.

http download over 2GB, 4GB - browser and server behavior

Behavior of some windows software with http download of files with size over 2GB and 4GB (very large files)

Other links for ASPForm class

ASP file upload and ScriptUtilities classes

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ASP file upload and ScriptUtilities enums

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Huge ASP upload is easy to use, hi-performance ASP file upload component with progress bar indicator. This component lets you upload multiple files with size up to 4GB to a disk or a database along with another form fields. Huge ASP file upload is a most featured upload component on a market with competitive price and a great performance . The software has also a free version of asp upload with progress, called Pure asp upload , written in plain VBS, without components (so you do not need to install anything on server). This installation package contains also ScriptUtilities library. Script Utilities lets you create hi-performance log files , works with binary data , you can download multiple files with zip/arj compression, work with INI files and much more with the ASP utility.

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