UploadID Property of ASPForm class

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Lets' you access this asp form from another thread (another ASP script) in the same application using this ID.


vUploadID = ASPForm.UploadID
ASPForm.UploadID = vUploadID




Upload - Progress bar concept.

      Web browrser (IE/NN) does not accept response data when uploading. So there is one another way to show progress bar during upload - open a new client browser window with another server script on begginning of upload and access current uploading form from the second server script (task).
      These two server upload tasks are join using ScriptUtils.ASPForm.UploadID property (in the uploading task) and ScriptUtils.ASPForm.getForm property (progress bar task). You can use ScriptUtils.ASPForm.NewUploadID property to get unique upload ID, or you can get this ID by any other way (for example, using rnd() function).
If Request.ServerVariables("REQUEST_METHOD") = "POST" Then
  Dim Form: Set Form = Server.CreateObject("ScriptUtils.ASPForm")
  Form.UploadID = Request.QueryString("UploadID")
  If Form.State = 0 Then
  End If

Progress bar script:

  Dim Form: Set Form = CreateObject("ScriptUtils.ASPForm")
  On Error Resume Next
  Set Form = Form.getForm(Request.QueryString("UploadID"))
  If Err = 0 Then '?completed 0 = in progress
      For Each Field In Form.Files
        fHTML = fHTML & "FieldName:" & Field.Name
        If Field.Length<=0 And Field.FileName<>"" Then
          fHTML = fHTML & ", uploading: " & Field.FileName
        ElseIf Field.Length>0 Then
          fHTML = fHTML & ", OK: " & Field.FileName & "," & FormatSize(Field.Length)
        End If
        fHTML = fHTML & "<br>"
     Response.Write fHTML
  End If

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The ASPForm collection retrieves the values of form elements posted to ASP script by a form using the POST method. ASPForm can process multipart/form-data or application/x-www-form-urlencoded data with length up to 2GB.


Huge ASP upload is easy to use, hi-performance ASP file upload component with progress bar indicator. This component lets you upload multiple files with size up to 4GB to a disk or a database along with another form fields. Huge ASP file upload is a most featured upload component on a market with competitive price and a great performance . The software has also a free version of asp upload with progress, called Pure asp upload , written in plain VBS, without components (so you do not need to install anything on server). This installation package contains also ScriptUtilities library. Script Utilities lets you create hi-performance log files , works with binary data , you can download multiple files with zip/arj compression, work with INI files and much more with the ASP utility.

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