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Examples for ASP file upload and ScriptUtilities

ByteArray - Convert data from BinaryRead to string
ByteArray - Save the posted data.
ByteArray - Fill byte array by a random data
ByteArray - ASP download
Advapi - Logon and impersonate user
Advapi - RevertToSelf sample
ASP timing
Simple download
Multiple files download with on-the-fly compression zip/arj
ByteArray - HexString sample
INI and integer value
Timing informations.
Kernel - Sleep for 2second
Kernel - Get command line
Kernel - Get name of the local computer
Kernel - Get current directory
Kernel - Kernel and user time taken by process.
Kernel - Kernel and user time taken by current thread.
Kernel - Get all envinronment strings.
Kernel - One of the environment variable
Kernel - Write temporary directory path
Kernel - TickCount
Write system variables.
Same ASP sample with PureASP upload
ZLib - Compress file
Transfer compressed file from client to server using IE (special upload)
ZLib - Accept compressed data on server-side ASP
Kernel - Get exact consumed time of VBS function
Kernel - Get exact duration of a VBS function using msPerformanceCounter
LogFile - Get current path to the log file.
LogFile - Specify one log file per week.
LogFile - Sample ASP log of variant arguments.
LogFile - Delete log file
LogFile - String to log as one line
LogFile - DateTimeFormat sample
LogFile - Local/GMT date/time values
LogFile - Sample of values on begin of line.
LogFile - Encode values
LogFile - Separator of logged values
LogFile - Log some array value
LogFile - Description of log file fields
LogFile - Define comment on the beggining of file
LogFile - Samples of Log method
LogFile - Simple log file sample
Set task priority in MS SQL
Upload - Count and enumarate form fields, text fields and files.
Upload - Enumerate source files and write file names
Upload - Save extra upload info to a database
Upload - Read short source data in one block
Upload - Store up to 1MB data in memory
Upload - Do not upload data greater than 1MB.
Upload - Custom temporary folder
Upload - Enumerate text fields in a form.
Upload - Write source form data along with form fields
Upload - Switch page using form state
Upload - Enumerate source fields using index
Upload - Save all source files to the specified path
Upload - Count number of source fields with a specified name
Upload - Write contents of all text form fields
Upload - Use x-mac-ce code page for form data.
Upload - Write names of all form fields
Upload - Save source fields to different loactions
Upload - Save form files with special name.
Upload - Simple upload to database
Upload - Upload of large files to database using AppendChunk method of RecordSet
Upload - large files to MS SQL Server using a HexString property and UPDATETEXT SQL statement
Upload - Simple asp upload Very short asp upload code with two source file fields and a description field.
Upload - use unicode (utf-8) character set for request/response data
Convert string between windows-1250 and iso-8859-2 (or utf-8) charsets, ASP
Multiselect fields (non-unique field names)
Upload - Using a HexString property and Insert statement
POST, ASPForm - Work with original posted data.
Upload - Progress bar concept.       Web browrser (IE/NN) does not accept response data when uploading. So there is one another way to show progress bar during upload - open a new client browser window with another server script on begginning of upload and access current uploading form from the second server script (task).
      These two server upload tasks are join using ScriptUtils.ASPForm.UploadID property (in the uploading task) and ScriptUtils.ASPForm.getForm property (progress bar task). You can use ScriptUtils.ASPForm.NewUploadID property to get unique upload ID, or you can get this ID by any other way (for example, using rnd() function).
Upload - upload with ie-style progress bar.
Upload - Send an email with attachment
Upload - Use ASPForm object in VB6 class
Upload - Form parser and VBA 6
Upload - progress bar, number and percent of completed
Upload - get new upload ID for upload and progress script
Field CharSets - handle form fields in different code pages
Multipart - enumerate field headers
Upload - Save only images
Kernel - copy file
ByteArray - Convert iso-2022-jp binary data to shift-jis codepage binary data
ByteArray - decode and encode from Base64
ByteArray - encode a file to a base64 string (Base64 file) You can simply encode a binary or text file to a Base64 string using this sample code. The base64 string can be stored to a file using SaveAs method.
ByteArray - Decode a Base64 string to a binary data.
Upload - cause read when source data exceeds a limit
Convert files from one code page / character set to another (ANSI to utf-8)
ASP Form - process standard x-www-form-urlencoded data with unicode code page and unlimitted size.

 Accept application/x-www-form-urlencoded in unicode utf-8   

      This sample demontrates accepting of a plain form (Form without ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data") by Huge-ASP file upload, ASPForm Object. Full source is in form-url-encode-utf-8.asp sample file.
      ASPForm object has some great functionality against of Request.Form: size limit for ASPForm object is 2GB. Request.Form(...) can accept maximum of 100kB.
       ASPForm acepts ANY code page. This page is written in utf-8. It lets you write and mix some special character sets and characters such are hebrew (קבוצות דיון), arabic (مجموعات), east-european (žluťoučký kůň), russian (Картинки), japanese (イメージ) or chinese (圖片).
      You can have the characters NOT only in HTML page, you can use them in input fields, of course. ASPForm accepts application/x-www-form-urlencoded and multipart/related data and contains automatic detection of type of a source form.

Upload - Check file contents to ensure the field is really an image      This function checks the uploaded file contents to ensure that the file is an image. You can check extension of the file or content-type. If the content-type begins with 'image/' or extension is in imageExts, the file is probably an image.
     But - someone can rename an .exe file and send the file as 'image'. So a second part of the check function tests file contents for usual characteristics of image files. You can use String or HexString property to get a part of contents of the file and compare it with image file characteristics.
     You can use this function to check other file types (compressed, executable, ) also.
These tables are from Richard Ogley's pages.

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Image files

File type Typical
Hex digits
xx = variable
Ascii digits
. = not an ascii char
Bitmap format .bmp 42 4d BM
FITS format .fits 53 49 4d 50 4c 45 SIMPLE
GIF format .gif 47 49 46 38 GIF8
Graphics Kernel System .gks 47 4b 53 4d GKSM
IRIS rgb format .rgb 01 da ..
ITC (CMU WM) format .itc f1 00 40 bb ....
JPEG File Interchange Format .jpg ff d8 ff e0 ....
NIFF (Navy TIFF) .nif 49 49 4e 31 IIN1
PM format .pm 56 49 45 57 VIEW
PNG format .png 89 50 4e 47 .PNG
Postscript format .[e]ps 25 21 %!
Sun Rasterfile .ras 59 a6 6a 95 Y.j.
Targa format .tga xx xx xx ...
TIFF format (Motorola - big endian) .tif 4d 4d 00 2a MM.*
TIFF format (Intel - little endian) .tif 49 49 2a 00 II*.
X11 Bitmap format .xbm xx xx
XCF Gimp file structure .xcf 67 69 6d 70 20 78 63 66 20 76 gimp xcf
Xfig format .fig 23 46 49 47 #FIG
XPM format .xpm 2f 2a 20 58 50 4d 20 2a 2f /* XPM */

Compressed files

File type Typical
Hex digits
xx = variable
Ascii digits
. = not an ascii char
Bzip .bz 42 5a BZ
Compress .Z 1f 9d ..
gzip format .gz 1f 8b ..
pkzip format .zip 50 4b 03 04 PK..

Archive files

File type Typical
Hex digits
xx = variable
Ascii digits
. = not an ascii char
TAR (pre-POSIX) .tar xx xx (a filename)
TAR (POSIX) .tar 75 73 74 61 72 ustar (offset by 257 bytes)

Excecutable files

File type Typical
Hex digits
xx = variable
Ascii digits
. = not an ascii char
MS-DOS, OS/2 or MS Windows   4d 5a MZ
Unix elf   7f 45 4c 46 .ELF

Miscellaneous files

File type Typical
Hex digits
xx = variable
Ascii digits
. = not an ascii char
pgp public ring   99 00 ..
pgp security ring   95 01 ..
pgp security ring   95 00 ..
pgp encrypted data   a6 00 ¦.

ByteArray - accept very large data in POST/PUT request, ASP, VBScript
      You can use Post binary data to URL from WSH/ASP/VBA/VBS and Work with binary files in VBS - read and write local and remote files articles to read and send a binary file from a client-side.

Upload - handle other requests with higher priority
ByteArray - Punycode - unicode conversions Short functions to encode/decode string<->punycode data. You can use these functions as an Internationalized Domain Names VBScript converter.
  • punycode to unicode conversion
  • unicode string to punycode conversion
  • IDN string to unicode conversion
  • unicode string to IDN string conversion
    See Live punycode idn decoder/encoder.
    ByteArray - save unicode data (string) as utf-8 with BOM See also Batch file conversion - character set and BOM detection of html files to detect files with BOM (unicode Little/Big, utf-8)
    ByteArray, T-SQL - base64 encoder for Microsoft SQL      This short sample lets you convert any string data to Base64 directly in SQL stored procedure (SP written in MS T-SQL). The data are passed as a string, you can do String-to-binary conversion with specified charset (the default charset is specified by system locale). The binary data are converted by get_Base64 property.
         See also ByteArray, T-SQL - base64 decoder for Microsoft SQL
    ByteArray, T-SQL - base64 decoder for Microsoft SQL      This short sample lets you convert a Base64 string data to a decoded String or Binary data directly in SQL stored procedure (SP written in MS T-SQL). The data are passed as a Base64 string, then you can get the original data as a binary/image data type or converted to unicode string using specified charset/code page. The data are converted by put_Base64 property.
         See also ByteArray, T-SQL - base64 encoder for Microsoft SQL
    Charset conversion of very large files - 2GB and more      This sample contains a block-by-block character set conversion algorithm for a very large files, you can use it for files with any size, this code work also with files over 2GB or 4GB. It takes maximum of 5*BlockSize of memory to convert the data (5MB of memory for the 1MB block).
         The SourceCharSet may be only a charset with a constant char size, one, two or four bytes (and the BlockSize must be an integral multiple of the character size). You can use single byte charsets as Windows-1250, windows-1251, Latin II, ibm850... for the source file, but not utf-8 (it has a variable size of char). You can use any destination charset, including utf-8
    ASP - upload and store files to a network drive      You can store uploaded files also to a network disk or network resource. The main problem within this task are user rights. The default user account running ASP script (usually IUSR_COMPUTERNAME) has no access to network resources. One of the way is to connect to a network resource with another Username and Password (using AddConnection), store uploaded files and Disconnect from the resource (CancelConnection). This is a sample VBScript concept of the task. See upload-network.asp sample for full code.
    Bytearray - test of Simplified Chinese, iso-ir-58
    VBScript/ASP URLEncode function with charset (urlencode to utf-8 or other character encoding)
    Batch charset conversion - convert all .txt files in a folder from ibm-850 unicode utf-8      This sample contains short algorithm to convert more files (all files in one folder) from one character set to another. The sample works for any code page (unicode utf-8 -> shift-jis, windows-1250 -> utf-8, ..) and shorter files, the files are converted in memory and there is no good idea to use it for files over 100MB. (See Charset conversion of very large files - 2GB and more).
    Batch file conversion - character set and BOM detection of html files      This sample can do batch conversion of text files with different code pages - Unicode, utf-8, windows-1250 and others to one selected code page. The algorithm contains simple detection of source file code page using BOM.
         You can choose any destination charset. See also ByteArray - save unicode data (string) as utf-8 with BOM to save files with BOM (unicode Little/Big, utf-8)
    ASP gigabyte download - download over 2GB, 4GB, very large/huge files.      ASP/VBScript source code to download of very large files using ASP. The download size is not limited by 2GB or 4GB of size, you can download files with any size, 10th of gigabytes or more.
         The sample uses Response.BinaryWrite. Remember that IIS6 has a strong memory leak, so this code does not work with Windows 2003 SP1, you need Windows 2003 SP2 at least. The code works also with other versions of IIS (IIS1-5, IIS7) See also
    Experience high memory usage in the W3wp.exe process
    Memory leaks may occur when the BinaryWrite method is called
    Several browsers (IE, Firefox) or http clients (winhttp) has a download size limit of 2GB or 4GB. See http download over 2GB, 4GB - browser and server behavior
    ByteArray - Store data with another charset (ibm850) to a database      This sample works with a text data column in a database with any character set. For example, if you work with utf-8 in ASP, but you need to store data as an ibm850 charset in a database. If you have next table:
    CREATE TABLE [dbo].[textTable] (
    	[textColumn] [VARCHAR] (250) COLLATE SQL_AltDiction_CP850_CI_AI NULL 
    ) ON [PRIMARY]
    but your ASP will work with utf-8, you need a binary conversion between utf-8 and ibm850.

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