Transfer compressed file from client to server using IE (special upload)

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Transfer compressed file from client to server using IE (special upload) 
'Client-side upload function
'You can use this function in VBS or VBA (VB5, VB6, Word, Excel, ...)
'UploadFile "F:\RM20001124.TXT", ""
Sub UploadFile(FileName, URL)
  Dim IE 'As New shdocvw.WebBrowser
  Set IE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
  IE.Visible = True
  Dim FileContents, ZLib
  Set FileContents = CreateObject("ScriptUtils.ByteArray")
  Set ZLib = CreateObject("ScriptUtils.ZLib")
  'Read the source file
  FileContents.ReadFrom FileName
  'Compress source data
  Set FileContents = ZLib.Compress(FileContents.ByteArray)
  'Initiate transfer the file to the destination URL
  IE.Navigate URL, , , FileContents.ByteArray, "FileName: " & FileName & vbCrLf
  'Wait until IE finishes transfer
  Do While IE.Busy
    'Sleep 100
  'Quit Internet explorer
End Sub

'Server-side function
'This function accepts and saves uploaded data compressed by the Compress method on the servers ASP
'Call ReceiveFile
Sub ReceiveFile()
  Dim FileName, FileContents, ByteArray
  'Test if this is request from our client
  FileName = Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_FILENAME")
  If FileName <> "" Then 'This is a request from our client
    Set FileContents = CreateObject("ScriptUtils.ByteArray")
    Set ZLib = CreateObject("ScriptUtils.ZLib")
    'Read compressed file from the source stream
    FileContents.ByteArray = Request.BinaryRead(Request.TotalBytes)
    'Uncompress the source file
    Set FileContents = ZLib.UnCompress(FileContents.ByteArray)
    'Save source file to the destination directory (current directory)
    FileContents.SaveAs Server.MapPath(GetFileName(FileName))
  End If
End Sub

Function GetFileName(FullPath)
  'Returns file name from full path
  Dim Pos
  Pos = InstrRev(FullPath, "\")
  GetFileName = Mid(FullPath, Pos + 1)
End Function

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