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Version history
<<IIS Tracer web site monitoring tool
2.8.0, 1.10.2007
New changes related to work in IIS6 and IIS7 application pools

Performance properties of each request

     Now you can see consumed processor time - kernel and user time - per request.

Performance problem with SEND_RAW_DATA solved

     Now you can monitor only first SEND_RAW_DATA notification, see Known problems.

New setup for IIS6

     This version of IISTracer contains a new setup, which creates a monitoring site for each application pool in IIS.
2.7.9, 17.10.2006
Some small changes in default css stylesheet to correct problems with Mozilla firefox.
New support for more application pools in IIS6, see IISTracer Monitor and IIS6
2.7.8, 6.6.2006
Solved problem with space in x-forwarded-for http header (cascaded proxy servers). Data are logged with urlencode from this version.
2.7.7, 19.5.2005
Solved security problem with /iistracer URL protection. You can protect previous versions of IISTracer at /iistracer URL, but /iistracer-anyadd is not protected. Please see Protect http interface using Username/Password, Client IP and certificates
2.7.6, 13.2.2005
You can replace client IP addres in IIS logs by x-forwarder-for http header using IISTracer. You can use the feature for application servers that are behind a Hardware Load Balancer or behind proxy server to see real client IP address in IIS logs.
2.7.5, 6.1.2005
Extended x-forwarded-for logging for IIS
Monitor extremly slow or problematic scripts (ASP hangs, not responding web)
2.7.4, 23.9.2004
Problem with 'Show list values' settings and lost css styles solved.
2.7.3, 3.8.2004
I forgot some debugging/logging code in 2.7.2 vesion, I'm so sorry for it. Please check your version and download latest.
2.7.2, 1.8.2004
Problem with long InstanceID of IIS6 (32 bit) and IISTracer solved.
New customizable style sheets for Opera/Mozilla
2.70, 1.9.2003
New version for IIS6
new monitoring kernel and improoved monitoring performance - IISTracer can monitor only minimum number of Monitored ISAPI events now. The minimal set of monitored events is PREPROC_HEADERS, SEND_RESPONSE and END_OF_REQUEST.
new on HTTP configuration and running values
- split view of current requests by ID instance
- specify file extensions to exclude from trace
2.60, 13.3.2003
New: Protect http interface using Username/Password, Client IP and certificates
2.52, 15.11.2002
Download/upload trafic value for each request added. Now you can see incomming and outgoing bytes per second for each request.
2.51, 1.9.2002
Problem with stop request and password to administration page solved.
2.50, 14.5.2002
New functionality - Stop request function
New configuration and logging values
- response time
- last living time
New Monitored ISAPI events configuration.
2.00, 25.10.2001
New version of IISTracer
1.01, 16.10.2001
Lot of time spent on debugging IISTracer with combination of different ISAPI filters. IISTracer does not monitor SF_NOTIFY_URL_MAP event any more.
IIS cannot safely notify this event with special combination of other IIS filters - filters using pfc->GetServerVariable("PATH_TRANSLATED",...) + pfc->WriteClient(...). So problem with IIS crashing solved (see Known problems)
1.00, 1.9.2001
Basic release. New help created. Nothing changed in IISTracer kernel.
0.98, 1.8.2001
Public pre-release version. New html interface.
0.91 - 0.93, 1.5.2001 - 31.7.2001
First private beta version is running on two IIS 4 / 5 servers with medium load (500 000hits per day, 30 hits per second peak). Some additions to the html interface and collected values.
No problems occurs.

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