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      The ISAPI filter rewrites/replaces defined parts of URL from browser. It enables url to scripts (.asp, .cgi, .idc) with parameters look like static html pages or specify exact download filename generated by script. You can also create a simple proxy server with IIS and any script engine (.asp,. aspx, …) using URL replacer.
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Configuration sample
Replacer settings
Enable URL replace
After '?' replace with '&' and with '='
Enable logging, log directory :

Current replacements
 Find whatReplace with

New replacement
Replace  with 
The configuration enables replace

It also enables specify download filename for Internet Explorer. You can use this URL :
Replacer returns:
Configure filter
   You can configure the filter by http. Default configuration URL is http://yourserver/urlrepl (Probably http://localhost/urlrepl too.). All the Settings are stored in URLRepl.INI file, %windir% folder. If the file does not exists in the windows folder, please create a void file named URLRepl.INI in %windir% folder and set 'everyone full control' user rights on the file.
   If you disable the http configuration, the configuration can be enabled by setting EnableConfig=1.
Download and run urlrepl.exe. The file will install urlrepl.dll and adds the filter to Web Service level. You can add the filter to individual Web Site :
  1. In Internet Service Manager, select the Web server or Web site and open its property sheets.
  2. Click the ISAPI Filters tab.
  3. Note   If you are adding filters to a Web site, you will not see any global filters inherited from the Web server's master properties. You will see only the filters installed for the Web site, even though both sets of filters are run.

  4. Click the Add button.
  5. Type the name of the filter in the Filter Name box and either type or browse for the DLL (URLRepl.DLL) file in the Executable box.
  6. Click OK.
  7. To change the load order of a filter, use the arrows.
  8. If you have added or changed a global filter, you must stop and restart the Web server to load the new filters into memory. A filter added at the Web site level is automatically loaded when you add it.
FAQ:Windows 2003/XP
Q:I am using you software on windows 2003, it installs ok, and I can see the congigure screen.  When I try and add a replacement, it doen not appear in the "current replacements list" (or take effect).  I have restarted  all IIS  services since installation.
Please go to %windir% folder, create an empty urlrepl.ini file and set 'everyone full control' on the file.

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