Extended x-forwarded-for logging for IIS

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 Configuration settings   
        You can switch-on the custom logging on HTTP configuration interface, Monitored ISAPI events section, check 'Append x-forwarded-for' in the interface and click 'Apply'
       You can append x-forwarded-for variable to the client IP address log field or replace the client IP address with x-forwarded-for. The 'replace' feature is suitable for application servers that are behind a Hardware Load Balancer or behind proxy server to see real client IP address in IIS logs.
      • Do not work with x-forwarded-for
      · Append x-forwarded-for to IIS log
      · Replace IP by x-forwarded-for in log
        The x-forwarded-for http header is added to a 'c-ip' field of IIS log if you chooose 'Append'. The new c-ip field looks like

      * The '' string is the original c-ip address (REMOTE_ADDR server variable, pszClientHostName log parameter). The IP address means address of a proxy server.
      *'F' is a sign that the x-forwarded-for http header was present and
      *'' is a contents of the x-forwarded-for header (HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR server variable). It is the original client IP address, address of client behind the proxy.
      x-forwarded-for http header do not need to contain IP address. You can sometimes see something like
        This function is available from 2.7.5 and 2.7.6 version, please see Version history

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