Monitored ISAPI events

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 Monitored events and filter order 
 (requires restart of IIS or W3SVC) 
• Append x-forwarded-for to a IIS log
1. SEND_RAW_DATA, END_OF_REQUEST and END_OF_NET_SESSION are required notifications for IISTracer to work correctly
2. READ_RAW_DATA is required event to monitor number of incoming raw bytes and incomming raw headers. Remember, that filter must be installed to service level to handle this notification (filter is on service level by default) 
3. You must select one of READ_RAW_DATA or PREPROC_HEADERS to correctly handle begin of request.
- use READ_RAW_DATA to complette monitor IIS state
- use PREPROC_HEADERS if you want
- to have IISTracer on one or more web sites on web site level
- to monitor extremly loaded IIS. Select PREPROC_HEADERS and END_OF_REQUEST only in this case. You can only see active requests without request progress (in/out bytes) in this case.
4. Do not use URL_MAP if not necessary (See notes at IIS ISAPI notifications description + Summary of IIS Event Ordering)

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