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Info page
<<Configuration of IIS Tracer web site monitoring tool
Possible problems with config application>>
Configuration application - basic setup and install filter to IIS lets you install IIS Tracer web site monitoring tool as ISAPI filter to IIS4/IIS5/IIS6 under WWW service level. You can also fill base registry settings for IISTracer. Please modify other IISTRacer settings in HTTP configuration interface
You can also install the fillter manualy to service level or web site level using MMC (IIS Tracer web site monitoring tool can be also installed to web-site level, but you cannot monitor incomming raw data in this case).

You cannot use this configuration application to install this filter to IIS v1.0 - IIS3.0.
To add the filter in IIS1-3, go to registry, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W3SVC\Parameters key. Add iistrace.DLL file to the 'Filter DLLs' list.

IIS6 notes
Please check "Disable read raw data notification" for IIS6.
IISTracer state is "Unknown" until the IIS aplication is loaded. You must run at least one URL on the IIS (script, htm page, IISTracer interface, ...) to change IIStracer state to "loaded".
Initial installation
If the filter is not loaded (when you run the config application first time), you can see dialog below:
IIS Tracer configuration application, first running after installation. The ISAPI filter is not installed to IIS and is not loaded.
Add filter to IIS
ISAPI filter installation lets you add IISTracer to IIS as ISAPI filter. This section makes same work as MMC (ISAPI filter tab).
Click 'Install this DLL to IIS'. Configuration application - basic setup and install filter to IIS will add the filter:
IISTracer is installed to IIS, but not loaded
Filter loaded
The filter state is unknown until you restart W3SVC service. ISAPI filters are loaded when W3SVC service is starting. Click Restart IIS, IIS will load IISTracer:
IISTracer is installed to IIS and loaded. You can see iistracer interface at /iistracer URL
Main filter configuration
IISTracer has it's configuration stored in registry. You can modify main values of http interface - Config script, Config ID instance and Enable/Disable IIS Tracer web site monitoring tool using this application (Where is a client IP and password protection!?)
This application writes main configuration values to the registry on a local (remote) computer and lets you restart W3SVC service to load the new settings to the IIS Tracer web site monitoring tool. W3SVC service must be restarted to load changes from registry to IIS Tracer web site monitoring tool (after Apply button).
All other configuration values are available in HTTP configuration interface (http://yourserver/iistracer by default).
You can select master Instance ID of IIS for administration purposes.

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