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Free threaded dictionary object. Lets you work with unique/non-unique keys, any VARIANT values and connect to other dictionary in the same process.

Simple test page

This html page shows basic operation with dictionary - Add, set and Remove dictionary item, RemoveAll, Connect, Disconnect and RemoveDictionary, enumerate Items, Keys and Dictionaries, Load and Save dictionary contents. This sample works only in local page or help, does not work from Internet for security reasons.


Single dictionary elements
Add Add a new key and item to the Dictionary.
Exists Returns true if a specified key exists in the Dictionary object, false if it does not.
Remove Removes a key and item pair(s) from the Dictionary object.
Dictionary to a file functions
Load This method loads dictionary data stored by the Save method.
Save Save all dictionary data to a file.
Share dictionaries
Connect Lets you connect to another Dictionary object in the same process.
Disconnect Disconect from the common named dictionary.
Lock The Lock method blocks other clients from modifying the variables stored in the Dictionary object, ensuring that only one thread at a time can alter or access the dictionary variables.
RemoveDictionary Remove the named dictionary or initialize the unnamed dictionary.
Unlock The Unlock method enables other threads to modify the variables stored in the Dictionary object after it has been locked using the Lock method.
RemoveAll Removes all key and items from the Dictionary object.


DictionariesList of named dictionaries in the current process.
Array, RO
LockDurationThe time [ms] for which the dictionary is locked, -1 when the dictionary is not locked.
Long, RO
NameName of the connected common dictionary.
String, RO
RefCounterNumber of connections to the dictionary data.
Long, RO
CompareModeSets and returns the comparison method for comparing string keys in the Dictionary object.
CompareMethod, RW
ItemThe Item property returns or sets the value of a given Dictionary key.
Variant, RW
UniqueKeysSet or get unique keys property. Specifies a dictionary mode of Add method. If True (default), Add method does not allow to add two items with the same key.
Boolean, RW
CountReturns the number of items of one specified key or in the Dictionary object.
Long, RO
ItemsArray containing all items in the Dictionary object.
Array, RO
ItemsCountReturns the number of items in a Dictionary object.
Long, RO
KeysAn array containing all existing keys in the Dictionary object.
Array, RO
KeysCountA number of keys in the Dictionary object.
Long, RO
KeyChange a key in the Dictionary.
String, WO

Share dictionary values over processes/remote computers (from VBSCript in ASP to WSH, ..)

MultiDictionary object can be also used to share dictionary data between more processes on one computer or between computers using Windows COM+ server application. This article contains step-by-step guide to setup COM+ application on server and clients.

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Free-threaded (multithreaded) dictionary object. Lets you work with unique/non-unique keys in VBScript and JScript envinronment (share application/session variables in ASP) or any other programming language. You can share dictionary variables between processes or computers, you can save or restore dictionary variables to a disk, work with keys using regular expression and more.

Additional notes

     Dictionary is a COM class specially designed as a free-threaded dictionary in Application scope of ASP/ASP.Net pages. It also works with script other engines in VB Script and JScript (ASP,ASP.Net, WSH, CHM, HTA), VB Net, Visual basic (VBA - VB 5, VB 6, Word, Excel, Access, ), C#, J#, C++, ASP, ASP.Net, Delphi and with T-SQL OLE functions - see Use ByteArray object article. You can also use the object in other programming environments with COM support, such is PowerBuilder.
     Source code for Dictionary is available within distribution license, please see License page for Multi Dictionary or License page for ASP file upload and ScriptUtilities.

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