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Array containing all items in the Dictionary object.


vItems = Dictionary.Items




Enumerate Multi.Dictionary keys and items

  Dim D As New Multi.Dictionary
  D.UniqueKeys = False
  'Fill dictionary with some data
  D("Peter") = 12
  D.Add "Alex", 2534
  D.Add "Alex", 2535
  D.Add "Alex", 14
  Dim I As Long, Keys()
  'Get dictionary Keys
  Keys = D.Keys
  'Loop through Keys array
  For I = 0 To UBound(Keys)
    Debug.Print "Key", I, Keys(I)

  Dim Items()
  'Get dictionary Items
  Items = D.Items
  'Loop through Items array
  For I = 0 To UBound(Items)
    Debug.Print "Item", I, Items(I)

' output:
Key            0            Alex
Key            1            Peter
Item           0             2534 
Item           1             2535 
Item           2             14 
Item           3             12

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Properties of Dictionary class

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Free threaded dictionary object. Lets you work with unique/non-unique keys, any VARIANT values and connect to other dictionary in the same process.
     Dictionary is a COM class specially designed as a free-threaded dictionary in Application scope of ASP/ASP.Net pages. It also works with script other engines in VB Script and JScript (ASP,ASP.Net, WSH, CHM, HTA), VB Net, Visual basic (VBA - VB 5, VB 6, Word, Excel, Access, ), C#, J#, C++, ASP, ASP.Net, Delphi and with T-SQL OLE functions - see Use ByteArray object article. You can also use the object in other programming environments with COM support, such is PowerBuilder.
     Source code for Dictionary is available within distribution license, please see License page for Multi Dictionary or License page for ASP file upload and ScriptUtilities.


Free-threaded (multithreaded) dictionary object. Lets you work with unique/non-unique keys in VBScript and JScript envinronment (share application/session variables in ASP) or any other programming language. You can share dictionary variables between processes or computers, you can save or restore dictionary variables to a disk, work with keys using regular expression and more.

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