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Share dictionary values over processes/remote computers (from VBSCript in ASP to WSH, ..)

MultiDictionary object can be also used to share dictionary data between more processes on one computer or between computers using Windows COM+ server application. This article contains step-by-step guide to setup COM+ application on server and clients.

    Multi dictionary can share variables between several threads of one process. For example, you can share variables in one application pool from IIS v.6 or in one instance ID of IIS5.

    You can also install the dictionary as a COM+ application and share variables between several application pools, isolated IIS processes, between windows scripting host, VBA applications or any other applications. You can also share dictionary variables between more computers over local network, over internet or over http connection.

Setup COM+ Application on dictionary server

1. Create a new COM+ application

Create a new COM+ application - dictionary COM application

2. Add Multi.Dictionary component

Select component - New COM+ application

3. Create named alias (alias ProgID) for the component

Select alias - ProgID fro COM application
    Now, the COM+ application with MultiDictionary is ready to use.

4. Set permissions, config the COM+ application, etc.

Set permissions for COM application - Create a new COM+ application
    Now you can also call the Multi Dictionary application from local computer using
    'Create the COM+ application on local computer    
    Set ComputerDictionary = CreateObject("Comp.Dictionary")
    or can call the app from a local or remote computer.
    'Create the COM+ application on local computer    
    ' DictionaryServer - name of server with Comp.Dictionary COM+ application
    Set ComputerDictionary = CreateObject("Comp.Dictionary", "DictionaryServer")

Setup COM+ Application on client machines as client proxy

    The COM+ application with Multi.Dictionary object can be called from a remote computer. You can call it using location parameter (The name of the network server where the object is to be created.) of CreateObject VBS function. You also can export application proxy on server with COM+ application installed and import the proxy on client machines.

1. Export application proxy on server

Export application proxy - Create a new COM+ application

2. Import application proxy on clients

Install COM application on client - Create a new COM+ application
    Now you can call Multi.Dictionary on COM+ server using Computer name parameter of CreateObject:
    Dim ComputerDictionary

    'Create the object in COM+ application on Server ServerName
    Set ComputerDictionary = CreateObject("Comp.Dictionary")
    'Connect to one of server dictionary named Dictionary1 
    ComputerDictionary.Connect "Dictionary1"
    'Read/Write some dictionary values
    ComputerDictionary("SomeValue") = ComputerDictionary("SomeValue") + 1 

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Free-threaded (multithreaded) dictionary object. Lets you work with unique/non-unique keys in VBScript and JScript envinronment (share application/session variables in ASP) or any other programming language. You can share dictionary variables between processes or computers, you can save or restore dictionary variables to a disk, work with keys using regular expression and more.

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