HTTP headers and non-asci characters (Content-Disposition, filename, attachment) Article

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HTTP headers and non-asci characters (Content-Disposition, filename, attachment)

Some ways to download file names with international (non-asci) characters.

    The main problem for file downloads is to set right file name with good international characters. The downloaded file name is specified by a filename parametr of Content-Disposition http header.

    There is no problem if you set only ASCII characters for the parametr. you can use

Response.AddHeader "content-disposition", "attachment; filename=anyascicharactersyouwant.txt"

    But the problem is when you try to use any non-ascii characters in the downoaded file name. Sometimes you will need some russian file name: ???_?????.txt, sometimes chinese 文件名 ???, japanese ファイル名, korean 파일 이름 or some Cental european filename (Czech) příliš_žlutý_kůň_úpěl_ďábelské_ódy.txt.

    I was not able to find universal settings to do this task, but it looks like Mozilla based browsers accepts utf-8 encoded headers and headers Encoded Word Extensions from RFC 2231. Internet explorer accepts utf-8 filenames only when 1. the data are URL encoded and 2. the extension of the file contains only ASCII characters.

    Content-Disposition - test Non ascii characters

Sub SetContentDisposition(byval FileName)
  'set response. charset 
  Response.CharSet = "utf-8"
  'set ContentType - download
  Response.ContentType = "application/download"

  'URLEncode the filename for IE
  If Instr(1, Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_USER_AGENT"), "MSIE", 1)>0 Then
    FileName = URLEncode(FileName,"utf-8")
  End If
  'Add a Content-Disposition header with the filename
  Response.AddHeader "Content-Disposition", _
   "attachment; filename=""" & FileName & """"
End Sub

'URL Encode with character set 
Function URLEncode(ByVal Data, CharSet)
    Dim ByteArray
    Set ByteArray = CreateObject("ScriptUtils.ByteArray")
    ByteArray.CharSet = CharSet
    ByteArray.String = Data

  If Len(Data) > 0 Then
    Dim I, C, Out
    For I = 1 To ByteArray.Length
      C = ByteArray(I)'Asc(Mid(Data, I, 1))
      If C = 32 Then
        Out = Out + "+"
      ElseIf C < 46 Or c>126 Then
        Out = Out + "%" + Hex(C)
        Out = Out + Chr(c)
      End If
    URLEncode = Out
  End If
End Function		

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