Still expire after full installation? Article

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Still expire after full installation?

The article lets you solve problem with full version installation.

      Q: We've downloaded & installed the full version as instructed (first removing the old version), but we are still getting a message saying
'ScriptUtils.ASPForm (0x80040112)
Evaluation version of Huge-ASP upload was expired.' can you advise please?

       This problem cohere with DLL locking and caching. ASPFORM.DLL and SCPTUTL.DLL are locked by dllhost.exe, ASP process. You can avoid this problem:
1. Stop w3svc service
2. Install full version of ScriptUtilities and Huge-ASP upload
3. Start w3svc service

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Huge ASP upload is easy to use, hi-performance ASP file upload component with progress bar indicator. This component lets you upload multiple files with size up to 4GB to a disk or a database along with another form fields. Huge ASP file upload is a most featured upload component on a market with competitive price and a great performance . The software has also a free version of asp upload with progress, called Pure asp upload , written in plain VBS, without components (so you do not need to install anything on server). This installation package contains also ScriptUtilities library. Script Utilities lets you create hi-performance log files , works with binary data , you can download multiple files with zip/arj compression, work with INI files and much more with the ASP utility.

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