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Lets you write variant number of values as one log line to the log file.


LogFile.Log ([Values to log as ParamArray])

Where Type Optional Default Description
 Values to log  ParamArray  yes    Variant number of values to write to the log file. 


      Values can be of any type that can be converted to a string. So you can log String, Date, Boolean and Numeric values (Byte, Short, Long, Currency, Double ...).

      You can also log one-dimensional Array values (from Dim variable(), Redim or Array function). Array members are converted to a string and separated by a special separator (see ArraySeparator property).
      You can also log Object values with default value specified (The default value is written in the log file)


LogFile - Samples of Log method

  Dim LogFile 

  'Create LogFile object
  Set LogFile = CreateObject("ScriptUtils.LogFile")
  LogFile.TemplateFileName = "D:\LogFiles\LG%y%m%d.Log"

  'Log date, long, currency and string values to one line
  LogFile.Log Now-7, CLng(25), CCur(125.6538), "description"

  'Log an array
  LogFile.Log "Array value", Array(1,2,3,4,5)

  'Log an object
  LogFile.Log "Object value", LogFile

Output (contents of D:\LogFiles\LG001213.Log file)
#Software: PSTRUH ScriptUtilities Log file
#Version: 1.0
#Date: 2000-12-13+15:34:44
#Fields: datetime
2000-12-13+15:34:44 2000-12-06+15:34:44 25 125.6538 description
2000-12-13+15:34:44 Array+value [12345]
2000-12-13+15:34:44 Object+value D:\LogFiles\LG001213.Log

LogFile - Sample ASP log of variant arguments.

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Hi-performance text file logging for ASP and ASP.Net, VBScript, VBA, VB5/6, VB and C# applications. Lets you create daily/weekly/monthly log files with variable number of logged values and extra timing and performance info.
     LogFile is a COM class specially designed as a free-threaded, hi-performance logging object in Application scope of ASP/ASP.Net pages. It also works with other script engines in VB Script and JScript (ASP, ASP.Net, WSH, CHM, HTA), VB Net, Visual basic (VBA - VB 5, VB 6, Word, Excel, Access, ), C#, J#, C++, ASP, ASP.Net, Delphi and with T-SQL OLE functions - see Use ByteArray object article. You can also use the object in other programming environments with COM support, such is PowerBuilder.
     Source code for LogFile is available within distribution license, please see License page for ASP file upload and ScriptUtilities.


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