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Workstations from which the user can log on. As many as eight workstations can be specified; the names must be separated by commas (,). A null string indicates that there is no restriction.


vWorkstations = User.Workstations
User.Workstations = vWorkstations




List of accounts and logon workstations

  'Get UserManager.Server object
  Dim UM:Set UM = CreateObject("UserManager.Server")
  'Add a test user
  Dim User
  Set User = UM.Users.Add("~TestUser", "1TestPassword")

  'Test user cannot change password
  User.Workstations = "Server,Test"
  'List of accounts and password info
  Dim Out: Out = "Logon workstations info:" & vbCrLf
  Out = Out & toS("Account",20) & toS("Workstations", 15) & vbCrLf
  For Each User In UM.Users
    Out = Out & toS(User.Name,20) & toS(User.Workstations,15) & vbCrLf

  Wscript.Echo Out

  'Delete the test account

  Function toS(byval W, Cols)
    W = "" & W: If W = "" Then W = "-"
    On Error Resume Next
    W = W & Space(Cols-Len(W))
    toS = W
  End Function

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User.HomeDir, User.ScriptPath

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Properties of the user account, and methods for creating, deleting and selecting users.


ActiveX UserManager is easy to use COM component with classes to create, delete and manage local and remote user accounts, groups, servers and domains in the Windows NT (2000/XP) environment. You can simple work with user accounts and groups from VBA, VBS/JS, ASP and T-SQL programming environment.

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