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RAS privileges and call-back phone number for the user.

Object model

RasUser - RAS privileges and call-back phone number for the user. (Ras property, Enables setting of the RAS privileges and call-back phone number for the user.)


AdminSetCallbackTrue if the user account is configured to have the administrator set the call-back number.
Boolean, RW
CallerSetCallbackTrue if the remote user can specify a call-back phone number when dialing in.
Boolean, RW
DialinPrivilegeSpecifies if the user has permission to dial in to this server.
Boolean, RW
NoCallbackTrue if the user has no call-back privilege.
Boolean, RW
PhoneNumberSpecifies the call-back phone number for the user.
String, RW
PrivilegeA set of bit flags that specify the RAS privileges of the user. This member can be a combination of the rpDialinPrivilege flag and one of the call-back flags.
RasPrivileges, RW


Enable dial-in with callback

  Set Srv = CreateObject("UserManager.Server")
  Set Usr = Srv.Users("John")

  Usr.Ras.AdminSetCallback = True
  Usr.Ras.PhoneNumber = "61225407"

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