IIS Tracer web site monitoring tool, performance notes

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        IIS Tracer web site monitoring tool is designed to work on IIS servers with hi-load. All data are stored in memory database with special construction and minimal size of critical section in IIS multithreading work.
        IIS Tracer web site monitoring tool was tested on IIS servers with middle load (500 000hits per day, 30 hits per second peak). There was no performance difference between IIS with / without IISTracer.
 Consumed time results   
        We have test exact time consumed by IISTracer in one request. These tests was on PII/550Mhz. IIS can handle shortest request (1B html file) in about 500microsecond. IISTracer kernel takes maximum time of 15microsecond per request. But there is other problem - IISTracer monitors all IIS Activity. IIS must call IISTracer many time per request and this interface calls takes more time.
 Simple performance test   
      I have done simple performance test of clear IIS (without other ISAPI filters) and IISTracer. The tests was with several kind of applications
1. Short html file (1B) - this test shows maximum performance loss of IISTracer
2. Normal HTML file (16kB) - standard performance loss on normal static files
3. Simple ASP file - ASP file with one byte, without code
4. Simple application - Short code with one CreateObject and 16kB Response.write.
 Processor time 
 Requests type   req/s   Without IISTracer   With IISTracer 
 1B HTML   420req/s   10%   16% 
 16kB HTML   250req/s   15%   24% 
 1B ASP   250req/s   25%   28% 
 Simple ASP   100req/s   50%   51% 

      The results shows that the maximum theoretical performance loss is for very short HTML files - about 60%. Normal performance loss with IISTracer for static files with size is about 10-20kB is 30% - 40%.
      ASP takes many time to its initialization - so performance loss with ASP requests has theoreticall maximum of 10%. Performance loss for normal ASP applications is unmeasurable (maximum is 1%-2%). The same situation will probably be with other applications, such as .cgi, .php or .idc.
      Performance loss of IISTracer for normal applications - .asp, .cgi, .php with many commands - is unmeasurable (is very small).

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