Header of HTTP interface

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Info page
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Header contains menu links, current time and number of current active requests and stored completted requests.
Header look
ConfigurationAboutFull version.
List of current IIS active requests. See Current activity list
Two separated lists of active requests and long-running completed requests. See Current activity list
One mixed list of active requests and long-running completed requests with order by start time. See Current activity list
Sort order
Ascending/descending sort order of requests (by start time). See Current activity list
HTTP configuration and running values
About IIS Tracer web site monitoring tool, license and registration
Registration/expiration info

Evaluation version, expires in 60 days.

Full version.

Actual state - time
Current time with precision to ms
Current user logged to IISTracer interface. Please see Protect http interface using Username/Password, Client IP and certificates.
Current instance ID
IIS instance ID on which is IISTracer running
Active, completted and all requests
Number of current requests in IISTracer database. You can see the list of requests in Current activity list

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