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Attempts to perform a user logon operation and impersonates a user. You specify the user with a user name and domain, and authenticate the user with a clear-text password.


Server.LogonUser (UserName as String, Password as String, [Domain as String], [LogonType as LogonTypes = ltInteractive])

Where Type Optional Default Description
 UserName  String      
 Password  String      
 Domain  String  yes     
 LogonType  LogonTypes  yes  ltInteractive   


WWW service is usually running under account with guest privileges and the user account cannot access registry keys/values. You can logon to account with apropriate privileges and read/change registry keys and values.


W3SVC registry parameters from ASP.

  Set S = CreateObject("RegEdit.Server")

  'To get access to registry from ASP
  S.LogonUser "Administrator", "", "Domain"
  Response.Write "W3SVC registry parameters : <br>"
  For Each Value In S.Keys("SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W3SVC\Parameters").Values
    Response.Write "<b>" & Value.Name & "</b> : " & Value & "<br>"

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Properties of Server class

hKey, Keys, Name


Server/computer for the ActiveX regedit.
You can use GetKey method to get a specified key from the server.
Keys property returns a collection containing subkeys of a connected key (See Connect method).


Intuitive, easy to use COM interface to windows registry. Set of classes to read/enumerate/modify windows registry keys and values from ASP, VBS and T-SQL.

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