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Collection of key objects of one registry key.

Object model

Keys - Collection of key objects of one registry key. (Keys property, Subkeys of the Key specified by Connect method (or by hKey property).)
Keys - Collection of key objects of one registry key. (SubKeys property, Subkeys of the key.)
Key - One registry key. (Item property, Returns a single Key object from the Keys collection.)


Add Creates the specified key. If the key already exists in the registry, the method opens it.


CountNumber of keys in the collection.
Long, RW
ItemReturns a single Key object from the Keys collection.
Key, RW


List of OLEDB providers on local or remote computer

      This script lets you list all installed OLEDB providers (oledb drivers) on local or remote computer from windows scripting host/VBScript. The script can be simly modified for ASP or ASP.Net.
  'The script writes all installed OLEDB providers.
  Option Explicit

  Dim OutText, S, Key

  'Create a server object
  Set S = CreateObject("RegEdit.Server")

  'Optionally connect to another computer
'  S.Connect "muj"

  OutText = OutText & "OLEDB providers installed on " & _
    s.Name & ":" & vbCrLf
  OutText = OutText & "************************************" & vbCrLf

  For Each Key In S.GetKey("HKCR\CLSID").SubKeys
    If Key.ExistsValue("OLEDB_SERVICES") Then
      OutText = OutText & Key.Values("").Value &  vbtab & _
        " : " &   Key.SubKeys("OLE DB Provider").Values("") & vbCrLf
    End If

  Wscript.Echo OutText

List of installed software

'The script writes all installed software on the computer.

Wscript.Echo "Software installed on this machine :"
Wscript.Echo "************************************"

  Set S = CreateObject("RegEdit.Server")
  For Each Key In S.Keys("SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall").SubKeys
      If Key.ExistsValue("DisplayName") Then 
        Wscript.Echo Key.Values("DisplayName").Value 
        Wscript.Echo "(" & Key.Name & ")"
      End If

Used in

Key.SubKeys, Server.Keys

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Intuitive, easy to use COM interface to windows registry. Set of classes to read/enumerate/modify windows registry keys and values from ASP, VBS and T-SQL.

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