URL encoder (Percent-encoding, escape) with charset.

URL encoder with charset conversion

     There are a lot of samples of online URL encoder on Internet, but I find no one URL encoder which I can specify a destination charset for the URL encoded data. I'm working in Czech, so many times I need URL encode to windows-1250 or iso-8859-2 charsets.

     Within this sample, you can specify any text in Unicode (utf-8), specify destination charset and you will receive the data URL Encoded with specific charset according to you codepage. This script will also convert the URL to utf-8,ibm850,windows-1250,windows-1251,iso-8859-2,macintosh,iso-8859-5,iso-8859-1,ibm852,ibm866,utf-7,shift_jis charsets by default.

     See also online URL encoder with charset.

Try it:
   kůň München âges Español Français Português
   Trzęsienie jämföra лошадь 日本語 áčďéěíľňóťúůž

      This is online sample of a CharSet poperty of ByteArray object. The Form.SizeLimit is 10000bytes. Please, do not post more data using this form.
Source unicode text:
  or select a file to do urlencode:
  You can select destination character set: (see ConvertCodePages):
utf-8, len:9
ibm850, len:3
windows-1250, len:3
windows-1251, len:3
iso-8859-2, len:3
macintosh, len:3
iso-8859-5, len:3
iso-8859-1, len:3
ibm852, len:3
ibm866, len:3
utf-7, len:10
shift_jis, len:6

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