Online sample of a quoted-printable decode
  VBScript function .

      This online sample demonstrates functionality of a quotedprintable decode VBScript function, and Huge asp file upload. You can use this script to decode a source quotedprintable text and directly show a decoded text, or convert the source file encoded by quotedprintable directly to the source text or a binary data (select a source file using the file field in this form, check export to a binary file). The Form.SizeLimit is 1000000bytes. Please, do not post more source data.
      See also quoted-printable encoder online and quoted-printable decode VBScript function.

      Type some text to a textbox bellow
  or select a file to convert to a QuotedPrintable string.

  Output data:
output to a textbox (as a string)
export to a binary file, filename:

     Change character set

     Note: The quoted-printable data are converted to a source string data. If you use output to a textbox, this script shows the decoded data using 'iso-8859-1' charset. You can change the charset using form bellow.
Another character set:

or try other custom charset (see ConvertCodePages):

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