Base64 text to decode. Please paste the Base64 text bellow and click Decode.
(Base64 data looks like UXVpY2sgSG9wZQ==)

Write the Base64 decoder output to:

Decode to a textbox (as a string)
Decode to a binary file, filename:

Character set for the Base64 decoder

If you want to use this decoder to decode the Base64 data to a textbox, you can also select a charset of the source data. Default character set for the textbox is 'iso-8859-1'.
See also Decoder of base64 files.

How the Base64 decoder works

  1. 1. A browser takes the text Base64 data and converts them to a binary Base64 stream
  2. 2. The Base64 data are POSTed to server by browser as a the binary Base64 stream
  3. 3. Server takes the binary stream and decodes the Base64 data to an original binary stream
  4. 4. The original decoded data are sent to the client as a binary stream if you choose 'Decode to a binary file' or as text strem encoded by selected charset if you choose 'Decode to a textbox'

Limit of this Base64 decoder is 10MB. Please do not post more data than the limit

Privacy notes for the Base64 decoder

This page works "on the fly", we do not store nor monitor Base64 data posted to this page. The Base64 data are only decoded in a server memory and sent to a client.

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