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The list of User Privileges


upGUEST = &H0 Guest Privilege
upUSER = &H1 User Privilege
upADMIN = &H2 Admin Privilege.
up_MASK = &H3 


VBS include

'UserPrivileges - begin
Public Const upGUEST = &H0 'Guest Privilege
Public Const upUSER = &H1 'User Privilege
Public Const upADMIN = &H2 'Admin Privilege.
Public Const up_MASK = &H3
'UserPrivileges - end

VB4 include

'UserPrivileges - begin
Public Const upGUEST As Long = &H0 'Guest Privilege
Public Const upUSER As Long = &H1 'User Privilege
Public Const upADMIN As Long = &H2 'Admin Privilege.
Public Const up_MASK As Long = &H3
'UserPrivileges - end

VB5 include

Public Enum UserPrivileges
  upGUEST = &H0 'Guest Privilege
  upUSER = &H1 'User Privilege
  upADMIN = &H2 'Admin Privilege.
  up_MASK = &H3
End Enum 'UserPrivileges

JScript include

//UserPrivileges - begin
var upGUEST = 0x0; //Guest Privilege
var upUSER = 0x1; //User Privilege
var upADMIN = 0x2; //Admin Privilege.
var up_MASK = 0x3;
//UserPrivileges - end

IDL include

// UserPrivileges
typedef [helpcontext(0x20011), helpstring("The list of User Privileges")]
enum UserPrivileges{
	[helpcontext(0x20011), helpstring("Guest Privilege")]
		upGUEST = 0x0,
	[helpcontext(0x20011), helpstring("User Privilege")]
		upUSER = 0x1,
	[helpcontext(0x20011), helpstring("Admin Privilege.")]
		upADMIN = 0x2,
		up_MASK = 0x3
} UserPrivileges;

Used in

User.UserAdd, Users.Add, User.Privilege

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