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Provides TraceRoute (See asp or VB samples)


OneStep The OneStep method sends an ICMP echo request to the specified destination host and returns any replies received within the timeout specified.


IPFlagsIP header flags
Byte, RW
RequestSizeSize of request in bytes.
Long, RW
TimeOutTime in milliseconds to wait for reply
Long, RW
TTLTime To Live
Byte, RW
TypeOfServiceType Of Service
Byte, RW
DataSizeEcho data size.
Long, RO
RoundTripTimeRound Trip Time in milliseconds
Long, RO
StatusIP status value
IPStatus, RO


ASP Trace route

TraceRoute from

Simple trace for VB

  Dim Trace
  Set Trace = CreateObject("TCPIP.Trace")
  Dim I, IP, RoundTripTime, Status, TTL
  Trace.TimeOut = 8000
  For I = 1 To 10
    IP = Trace.OneStep(I, "")
    Debug.Print IP & Chr$(9) & Trace.RoundTripTime & Chr$(9) & Trace.TTL & Chr$(9) & Trace.Status
    If Trace.Status = 0 Then I = 100
  Next I

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Simple DNS+Traceroute

      Object for simple IP adress and host name resolution, ASP and VB TraceRoute/ping.

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