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Test traceroute to: Google London New York Melbourne Brasil Japan Vladivostok (ru)

This online traceroute script comes from AS15685, located in Prague, Czech republic, Europe. It runs under Windows IIS server and ASP, with ActiveX traceroute free COM component.

Traceroute is a software program that displays the connection (path) through the Internet between this traceroute server and the location you enter above. The Internet path between the two locations has many routers, computers and other devices along it which help move your information. Each device along this path looks at your request and then sends it off to the next device until it reaches its destination. The Traceroute program shows the amount of time each device on the route takes to do three things: (1) receive the traceroute request (ICMP), (2) process that request and (3) send it back. Traceroute performs this test three times on each device (each device is called a "hop").

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