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The ISAPI filter enables http raw data logging. Lets you log http header and document data to separate files, monitor IIS service output and check other filters (asp/cgi pages, ISAPI applications) functionality.
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Install filter
To install filter run setup file (httpLog.exe) on machine with IIS server.
Or :
1. Copy httpLog.dll to the server
2. Register (regsvr32.exe) the library
3. (IIS4) - Add the filter to service level (to log both IN and OUT raw data) or to web level (OUT raw data only).
IIS v.1-3 - : Go to registry, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W3SVC\Parameters key. Add HttpLog.DLL file to the 'Filter DLLs' list.
The filter can be configured on-line by HttpLog.ASP page included in setup. Copy and run the ASP page on server running HttpLog.
Remove/Uninstall filter
To remove filter go to Start->Programs->PSTRUH->Remove filter from all sites.
To uninstall remove filter from all sites and the go to ControlPanel->Add-Remove Programs->PSTRUH httpLog.
Installation of http log has impact to the web server performance.
Page typePerformance
without HttpLog
with HttpLog
Plain HTM 79 req/s 40 req/s
ASP page 49 req/s 31 req/s
HttpLog enables put each block of http stream to the separate file. The function is not suitable for server with big number of hits.
Configuration sample
Log the data to separate files.
This function enables logging of incomming and outgoing raw http data to the separate files. Each block of http data is saved to the directory as separate file.
Enable the data logging gives you exact information about http data streams, but has big impact to the performance of the http server.
Be sure you want to enable the logging.
Log directory
Incomming (read, browser) RAW http data
Log header data (First block of http RAW data).
Log document data (All other blocks of data).
Outgoing (write, server) RAW http data
Log header data (First block of http RAW data).
Log document data (All other blocks of data).

Maximum number of log files:
Loging of the raw http data to separate files creates a large number of the files. You can limit the number by the field. Zero means no-limit.

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